February 22, 2020
14 January 2020 Gk question

14 जनवरी 2020 Gk | 14 January 2020 Gk question

14 जनवरी 2020 Gk | 14 January 2020 Gk question

14 January 2020 Gk question

(1) Consider the following statements about the ‘Raisina Dialogue 2020 which is to be held in New Delhi from January 14-16. Which of the following statements is correct?

The I-Raisina Dialogue is India’s premier annual conference on geopolitics and geo-economics organized by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Observer Research Foundation.

II- This year’s theme is ‘Managing Descriptive Transitions: Ideas, Institutions and Idioms’.

The III-Conference was designed in 2016 on the Shangri-La Dialogue.

A – II only

B – III only

C – II and III

D – III and I

Answer – III and I

Explanation – ‘Managing disruptive transitions: ideas, institutions and ideas’ was the theme of Raisina Dialogue 2018. The 5th edition of this dialogue will be organized under the theme ‘Navigating the Alpha Century’.

Raisina Samvad is an annual geopolitical conference organized by Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation and has emerged as the premier conference of India since 2016. It is designed along the lines of Shangri La Dialogues. Raisina Hill is in New Delhi, which houses the most important government buildings including the President of India.

Current Affairs 14 January 2020

(2) Where is the 15th edition of Auto Expo 2020 to be held?

A – Delhi

B – Kerala

C – Greater Noida

D – Jammu Kashmir

Answer: Greater Noida

Explanation – The 15th Auto Expo 2020 is to be organized by ACMA, CII and ISIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) for general public from February 7-12 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. Apart from auto makers, Reliance Jio and Facebook will also be part of this version. The mega event is expected to showcase 60 launches of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers.

Daily current affairs: 14 January 2020

(3) On which date is National Youth Day celebrated?

A – 13 January

B – 16 January

C – 14 January

D – 12 January

Answer: 12 January

Explanation – National Youth Day 2020 is celebrated on 12 January just like every other year, marking the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. The theme of 2020 is ‘Channelizing Youth Power for Nation Building’ and aims to inspire and educate the youth. On this occasion various ceremonies are organized across the country.

14 January 2020 Current Affairs

(4) A zoological garden is to be established by the Uttar Pradesh government in Gorakhpur, after which person will it be named?

A – Narendra Modi

B – Yogi Aditya Nath

C – Ashfaqulla Khan

D – Bhagat Singh

Answer – Ashfaqulla Khan

Explanation – A new zoological garden in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh is to be named after the socialist and freedom fighter martyr Ashfaqulla Khan. The zoological park will be spread over 121 acres.

Ashfaqulla Khan along with Ram Prasad Bismil founded the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) and was sentenced to death for the Kakori train robbery (Kakori conspiracy of 1925).

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 14 January 2020

(5) Sultan Qaboos bin Said died, he was the ruler of which country?

A – Saudi Arabia

B – Afghanistan

C – Oman

D – Palestine

Answer: Oman

Explanation – Qaboos bin Said, the longest reigning Sultan of Oman, passed away. He had been ruling Oman since 1970. The Sultan is the top adjudicator in Oman and holds the portfolio of Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Ministry of Finance, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces as well as the Ministry of Defense.

Sultan Hatham bin Tariq is the new Sultan.

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(6) What is the name of India’s first cybercrime prevention unit launched in Gandhinagar, Gujarat?

A – convinced

B – Netra

C – Mitra

D – Correction

Answer – Assured

Explanation – India’s first cybercrime prevention unit, Assured has been launched by the Union Home Minister in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Along with Assured, Video Integration and the State Wide Advance Security Project, Vishwas was also launched. With confidence and blindness, the Assured will act to monitor, prevent, curb and eliminate cyber crimes from the state.

The government recently started I4C (Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center) and established the Cyber ​​and Information Security Division. NatGrid is an intelligence grid that connects databases of security agencies operating under the Government of India.

Current Affairs 14 January 2020

(7) Who will lead the 15-member team of India in the Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 in Australia?

A – Smriti Mandhana

B – Poonam Yadav

C – Mithali Raj

D – Harmanpreet Kaur

Answer: Harmanpreet Kaur

Explanation – Harmanpreet Kaur will lead India’s 15-member team in the upcoming ICC Women’s T20 World Cup. India will begin their campaign on 21 February in Sydney, Australia. Smriti Mandhana is the wicket keeper of the team.

The Indian team has been placed in Group A along with hosts Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Daily current affairs: 14 January 2020

(8) Which of the following indigenously developed airplanes became the first airplane in the country to make an arrested landing on a naval ship?

A – MiG 21

B – LCA Tejas

C – Sukhoi Su-30 Mk 1

D – Mikoyan MiG 29

Answer – LCA Tejas

Explanation – The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) made a successful Arrested Landing on Tejas, a Navy ship, for the first time on the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya. DRDO developed success in LCA Tejas’ Arrested Landing, which includes India’s name in a select few countries in the world. The group consists of China, America, Britain, Russia and France.

This naval version of the Tejas is designed with strong landing gear to absorb the forces ejected by the ski jump ramp during take off, which is within 200 meters and 100 meters as per the requirement of 1000 meters for normal runways. There is land within.

Current Affairs 14 January 2020

(9) Who has won a spectacular victory in the presidential election in Taiwan?

A – Sai Ing-wen

B – Ma Ying-jeu

C – Nguyen Fu Trong

D – Han Kuo-yu

Answer – Sai Ing-wen

Explanation – Sai Ing-wen of Taiwan won a landslide victory in the presidential elections and a second term as president. His main rival, Han Kuo-yu of the Kuomitang Party, conceded 38% of the vote. Sae Ing-wen is the first elected woman from Taiwan who became president in 2014 in her first term.

Current Affairs 14 January 2020 | 14 January 2020 Gk question in hindi

(10) Which virus strain is responsible for the outbreak and death of pneumonia in Wuhan, China in 2020?

A – Influenza Virus

B – Rotavirus

C – Coronavirus

D – Ebola

Answer – Coronavirus

Explanation – A sudden outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, a central city in China, has been initially detected by experts as a new type of coronavirus. The coronavirus is responsible for the flu and gastrointestinal problems. Apart from humans, this virus can infect cattle, dogs, pigs, camels as well as birds.

In 2002-03, the flu-like SARS virus killed more than 700 people, who were members of the coronavirus family.



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